Special Someone has handmade gifts and toys that reduce anxiety

Great locally made crafts and gifts that appeal to the five senses
We offer a variety of gifts and many are handmade.  See some of our products below. We offer free shipping and handling for all orders of any size.

Crafts and artwork are created locally

Gifts: Sensory Toys and Accessible Products

We will carry a variety of handmade gifts,  all created by people over 55 or by those who have any type of disability. Our goal is to encourage people to continue being creative, and to share some of that with you.
For children: our toys , puzzles, and lighting help children integrate visual, tactile, and kinesthetic. They are calming and reduce stress for all ages. We are also have  gifts for adults  that will be both enjoyable and perfect in aiding them in daily living. We have great gifts for anyone, but focus on inclusive gifts that are sure to please all ages.
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